Learn How to Easily Use DotSquare

Getting Started

DotSquare makes building a website flexible and easy while making it easy to hand off to clients. See our Quickstart Guide to learn how to easy design and build your client's site.

Coding Flexibility

Code in freedom. With DotSquare there are no restrictions to how your website behaves because you have complete control over any logic. You can write your own code, use your own style sheets, and structure data the way your clients need it.

Easy Client Hand-off

DotSquare is so easy to use for everyone that, in most cases, CMS training isn't even necessary. Your clients can login and hit the ground running, making your team heroes.

Further you can restrict client access and permissions to prevent them from breaking anything.

Integrate with Our APIs

Easily communicate with DotSquare to turn complex operations into simple functions. Our APIs use PHP because it is by far the most widely used web server-side programming language available. Please see our API Reference to learn how to easy use our APIs on your client's website.